Connections Worldwide - (The IALC)

The International Association of Lyceum Clubs brings together the National Federations/Associations of Lyceum Clubs. It is an apolitical and areligious women’s association. The headquarters are in Zurich (Switzerland).

Our Logo was designed by Ellinor Ivalo, a member of the Club of Helsinki. Each dot represents a club member of the IALC.

The National Federations/Associations bring together Lyceum Clubs in the same country. To date, we have 17 National Federations/Associations and 68 Lyceum Clubs throughout the southern and northern hemispheres!

Local Lyceum Club members can take part in and/or organise activities such as conferences, concerts, visits to cultural institutions, take part in circles (special interest groups), take part in cultural exchanges between members and clubs on a national or international level, broaden their network and form deep bonds of friendship.

Every three years there is an International Congress. The IALC organises annual International Cultural Days and a triennial International Congress which brings together Lyceum Clubs from all countries.

In intervening years Cultural Days are held. Previous locations of Cultural Days: (Rabat) Morocco, Athens (Greece), Stockholm, Oulu (Finland).

Upcoming Cultural days: 2024 Bordeaux (France).

Next International Congress: 2025 New Zealand.

There are 13 Lyceum Clubs in the Southern Hemisphere

Australia (5 clubs), New Zealand (8 clubs)

There are 55 Lyceum Clubs in the Northern Hemisphere

Germany (6 clubs), Cyprus (4 clubs), Georgia (1 club), Morocco (2 clubs), United Kingdom (2 clubs), Austria (1 club), France (16 clubs), Greece (1 club), Netherlands (3 clubs), Sweden (1 club), Belgium (1 club), Finland (2 clubs), Italy (3 clubs), Portugal (1 club), Switzerland (12 clubs).